Floow is an international product design and mobile app studio with a decade of experience and a track record of delivering high-quality digital and physical products that are ready to scale. Our fully remote team is made up of talented and skilled project managers, designers, and developers who are experts in creating responsive solutions for clients in diverse industries, including e-commerce, automotive, beauty, healthcare, real estate, and lifestyle.

Product Design

Market Research and Analysis

Prototyping and Testing

Naming / Branding

Development / Management

UI UX Design

Product Design Optimization

Mobile / Web Apps

iOS / Android App Development

Compatibility to all Devices


Progressive Web Apps

Integration (APIs)

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Data Engineering

Data Analytics

Business Intelligence

Business Process Automation

Visual Technology

VR Virtual Reality

3D Product Vis

3D Motion Commercial

AR Augmented Reality

Interactive 3D for Web/Apps


Brand Digital 360°

Re: Branding

Brand Guidelines

Visual Brand Management

Visual Campaing

Digital Strategy Marketing


Exhibition Design

Retail Spaces

Commercial Spaces

Ambient Advertising


At Floow, we love technology’s endless possibilities and, with our passion for sports evolution, create a revolution. Together, we’ll push boundaries.


  • TECH
  • We are a team of tech-savvy individuals with a passion for design. Our unique blend of technology expertise, youthful thinking, and developer/design skills allows us to deliver optimized solutions that meet your needs and provide a seamless user experience

  • Our over 10 years of experience have shaped who we are and where we stand today. We are always striving to learn and grow, which allows us to constantly improve and provide more value to our clients

  • Our fully responsive international team is made up of friends who are experts in their field. We carefully select the best specialists for each project based on its specific needs, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality work on time

  • At our company, we value your time and are easy to communicate with. We offer consultation throughout every step of the process and have learned the importance of cooperation through working on both big and small projects over the years


The space where technology meets great evolution creativity. With a seamless blend of passion, ambition, and expertise, we craft digital and IT products that transcend expectations. We are extreme sportsmans not workers.

Michał Spyra


How it works

Check our working floow

Come on the board

We thoroughly review the uploaded files and request any additional details that may be necessary to ensure a smooth process and reduce turnaround time

☕ Espresso time

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, as they are crucial to our success. Your opinion is like an exam grade for us

Drafts / Mapping

We review your draft file (if you have one) and make any necessary corrections before submitting all content for production

Developing mode

This is what sets us apart: we always give our best effort and have a mindset that is open to new ideas. We are also transparent and willing to share updates on the progress of each project at every stage

Introduce project

We consistently meet deadlines
and deliver high-quality work

🎉 Delivery

The implementation, introduction, and realization process may vary depending on the nature of the project, but we have the experience to handle any challenge

What we think

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